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Purely random channel surfing a few days ago landed me on TV One, half way through an episode of The Free Range Cook, and before I knew it, my taste buds were awakened...

Although I have heard of Salsa Verde before, to the best of my knowledge I had never tasted it and had no idea what it actually consisted of, or even it's uses for that matter.  To be honest, I still don't really know much about it, but thanks to Annabel Langbein, I have been inspired to research, experiment and learn.

I love making my own marinades and since lamb is my second most favourite protein after chicken, it is hardly surprising that I was drawn to Annabel's Lamb Racks with Salsa Verde.

It was super easy to prepare and despite a few omissions from Annabel's recipe, the end result was simply divine and not at all lacking in flavour. 

We didn't have chives or capers at home and thanks to my recent migraine-inducing reaction to garlic, I decided these could be  left out. 

I subsituted the lemon juice (I have an intolerance towards citrus) for white wine vinegar and replaced the black pepper with a good dose of salt. 

Being somewhat short on time and exhausted from a long day at work, I also omitted the yolk of a hard boiled egg - which Annabel uses to make her Salsa Verde thicker and creamier.


Thankfully we all prefer our red meat to be on the rare side as I somewhat under-estimated the optimum cooking time.  In fact, hubby was in seventh-heaven and I'm looking forward to being able to pan-fry the left-overs with eggs sunny-side-up and crispy hash-browns for a lazy dinner or an extravagant brunch!!  


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