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Hubby and I both love Mexican food - bursting with flavour, colourful, naughty yet nutritious, and fun to eat.  Best of all, it's easy to prepare and even fussy Miss Eight enjoys it!


Unfortunately, there aren't any great local Mexican restaurants and I'm yet to experience Mexican takeaways - so just as well that most of the dishes we love are relatively quick and simple to make.


In fact, I've been making Tacos since the 1980's when a Primary School teacher first introduced me to the concept of filling 'corn shells' with 'spicy mince' - something that was completely foreign to my family who still ate predominantly Hungarian food.  A decade later, I began experimenting with the trusty 'Taco Seasoning Mix': adding beans, carrots, celery and even corn into the mince mix and using it to top corn chips to make nachos or as a filling for enchiladas. 

Then during my first trip to Sydney my cousin introduced me to burritos and a whole new array of possibilities - with sizzling strips of chicken and capsicum at the top of the list - YUM!

Unfortunately, as I have learned more about my food intolerances, I have come to realise that the bloating and migraines which inevitably followed most Mexican meals were more than a mere coincidence.  But rather than forgoing a cuisine I enjoy or simply accepting the inevitable aftermath, I have come up with my own 'Franciska Friendly' Mexican Mince mixture that can be used to fill Tacos, Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Buritos, or to top Nachos.

Basically, I have removed all nightshades except tomatoes - which don't seem to bother me as much (for removing those as well would make life incredibly dull).  However, I no longer use the trusty 'Taco Seasoning Mix' and have eliminated paprika, chilli, cayenne and capsicums from my recipe.  But not to fear, the onions, veggies and remaining herbs and spices still pack a tasty punch that leave your taste buds yearning for more!

I also make my own Guacamole and fresh Tomato Salsa.  (But will often serve pre-prepared Salsa for the less sensitive members of the family - especially during the winter months when tomatoes are expensive and good tomatoes are impossible to come by.)

So here's what I produced tonight - using avocados I purchased earlier in the week that had ripened perfectly on the kitchen counter and prime topside mince which hubby bought during his shopping trip this afternoon.  Not bad - if I do say so myself - considering I managed it all by myself whilst suffering a raging earache!!


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