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Could there possibly be a more perfect combination than chocolate, berries and cream?  Aside from chips and dip that is... and bacon and eggs... oh, and how could I forget chicken, cranberry and brie??  Okay, so there are numerous out-of-this-world flavour sensations and when it comes to cakes and desserts, chocolate, berries and cream are a guaranteed winning combination.

I must confess, I will never be an accomplished baker.  But thanks to the wonders of cake mixes, even mere mortals such as myself can whip up a chocolate sponge cake.

Better still, our local supermarket even stocks gluten free chocolate cake mixes - which is exactly what I employed to create the mouth-watering delicacy below.

Believe it or not, it took longer to wash the bowls and utensils than to actually whip up the cake mix.  In fact, the most time-consuming part of the whole exercise was waiting for the cake to cool enough to slice and fill.

Not to fear, I spent the time whipping the cream (with a good sprinkling of icing sugar) whilst defrosting and draining the mixed berries.

All that's really missing is a dusting of icing sugar and you have a perfect sweet treat to delight your guests.


Of course, should it be an extra special occasion, you can take the decadence that little bit further by covering the entire cake with whipped cream.

As we were taking this particular cake to my mother's house to celebrate her birthday, we decided to go a bit over the top and Miss Seven went to town with sprinkles (hence the striking purple!).

And what's a birthday cake without candles??

Unsurprisingly, the four of us barely made a dent in the cake so we halved the left-overs to enjoy over the coming days.


Unfortunately, as we discovered, gluten-free sponges tend to be on the dry side.  (Or at least this particular one turned out to be.)  But not to fear, I defrosted some more berries, blended with the juices, a bit of sugar and cornflour and boiled on the stove until it turned into a heavenly gooey sauce.

The end result was to die for!!



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