Yates Young Gardener


Yates Young Gardener

By Janice Marriott

ISBN13: 9781869507947

RRP $24.99

Recommended Readership: 6+ years




What do I need to make a garden?

What plants can I wat from my garden?

Is spaghetti squash a plate of flat pasta?

If you want to know more about groing your own juicy tomatoes, crunchy carrots and tasty strawberries, then this is the book for you.  Find out what tools you need and how to make seeds grow into fruit, flowers or vegetables.  Learn how to grow a pumpkin with your name on it, how you can make a living teptee, how to grow buried treasure, how to make a scarecrow, how to grow a cucumber inside a bottle, and even how to make a green-haired monster!

Filled with amazing plant facts, puzzles and jokes, Yates Young Gardener teaches you what tools you need and how to make seeds grow into fruit, flowers or vegetables, and you will discover the most unlikely creatures who will become your garden friends.

Bestselling children's author Janice Marriott thinks the most amazing stories come from the garden, such as shape-changing seeds that uncurl and grow into flowers, carrots or giant trees, and in Yates Young Gardener she shows how, with just a pinch of information and a pot of soil, children can learn to be part of the extraordinary life of the garden and enjoy eating some of the characters they create.


About the Author

Janice Mariott is an award-winning children's writer, of both fiction and non-fiction, and works as a freelance writer.  She lives in Wellington and has a small buth highly productive garden in which she grows flowers, fruit and vegetables, and many compost piles.

Janice has written about her garden in her latest bestselling book, Common Ground, and her other titles include Taking Off, Thor's Tale, winner of the Junior Fiction category of the 2007 New Zealand Post Book Awards, and Soldier in the Yellow Socks: Charles Upham, our finest fighting soldier, a finalist in the Non-fiction caegory of the 2007 New Zealand Post Book Awards.  Her novel Crossroads won the 1996 Aim Supreme Award and Senior Fiction Award.

Illustrator Elena Petrov is an art teacher, and lives and works in Melbourne.


Child's Review

I think this book is great!  I like the way it shows you all different experiments and teaches you how to be a gardener.

I like the bright and detailed pictures and found the descriptions interesting and easy to understand.

I'm currently planning what fruit and vegetables I'm going to grow in my garden box and looking forward to growing my own tepee plant.

What fun!!


Parent's Review

Yates Young Gardener is a fabulous introduction to gardening for younger children - as well as their latte sipping urbanite parents who's idea of self-sufficiency begins and ends with purchasing fresh produce from their local green-grocer, or worse still, ordering it online!  No, I'm not being derogatory in any way - as I am one of 'those' parents.  Okay, not the latte sipping part, but I am notorious for killing plants and take great pride in having recently graduated from purchasing fruit and veggies from the supermarket to actually visiting not one, but two green-grocers!

You may stop laughing now.

Janice has a wonderful ability to convey oodles of valuable information in easy to understand language.  Her fun and unique ideas are explained with easy to follow step-by-step instructions - guaranteed to turn everyone's thumb green.

Yates Young Gardener would make a wonerful gift at any time of year and is definitely going on my stocking-filler list.



Reviewed by: Satine (aged 6.5) and her Mama

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