The Story of Science


The Story of Science

By Anna Claybourne

ISBN13: 9780746090114

RRP $24.99

Recommended Readership: 7+ years




Since human history began, people have wondered how things work and what makes our world the way it is.  And thanks to thousands of years of experiements and ideas, we've found out all sorts of things!

The Story of Science covers such diverse subjects as geology, the solar system, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine - humorously illustrated by Adam Larkum.

This book introduces the brilliant brains and eureka moments behind the greatest scientific discoveries in history - black holes, moons, magnets, microscopic creatures, the truth about heat and light, what plants eat, DNA, diseases and dinosaurs, atoms, asteroids and X-rays - and much, much more!

The development of each scientific theory and discovery is detailed over each double page, showing not only how scientists discovered them, but also how they have influenced the other discoveries that followed.

The book also contains a full glossary of technical terms and Internet-links to encourage further reading.



About the Author

Anna Claybourne is the author of numerous books on the natural world for young readers, including the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of Planet Earth, the Survival Skills Handbook and many more.




Children and parents alike will enjoy reading The Story of Science.  It is a brilliant reference book to feed those inquisitive young minds hungry for information.  The language is easy to understand and the quirky illustrations bring the information alive.

The great layout of this book and concise way in which topics are covered lends itself beautifully to being picked up whenever one of those tricky questions arise that you may or may not have the exact answer to.

Whilst sharing as a family, we followed our daughter's lead through the book - reading the sections which are currently of interest to her.  This ignited a variety of philosophical conversations in our household - during which we have all learned a great deal.  However, whilst Satine was fascinated by and understands the theory of evolution, she still won't accept it over and above the theory of creation!

On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book cover-to-cover and re-visiting all those scientific discoveries we were taught about in school but have long since forgotten the finer details.  The Story of Science is a must for your family library.

Reviewed by: Franciska


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