Lost in the Bush

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Lost in the Bush

Lindy Kelly and Pauline Whimp

ISBN13: 9781869508326

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Recommended Readership: 5+ years




Would you know what to do if you were lost in the bush?

Sam loves the amazing bush, but he knows he's not to go into the bush alone.  When Tuffy the dog escapes, though, Sam rushes in to save him...and before long, Sam realizes he's lost!

Suddenly, he remembers how dangerous the bush can be, especially when you're alone.  He'll need to be careful if he is to stay safe until he is rescued.  Bit by bit, Sam remembers all the rules for survival that Grandpa Tua has taught him on their walks in the bush, and now puts them into practice.  Will this be enough?

Lindy Kelly, with the help of New Zealand Land Search and Rescue, sets out the basic rules you should follow to help prevent getting lost.  There are also guidelines on how to prepare for a tramp, and, if you are lost, how to keep yourself safe until help arrives.  Fun activities will help you remember the safety messages.


About the Author

Lindy Kelly is an experiences journalist and author of short stories, poems, plays and more than twenty books.  Published in NZ, Australia and the USA she has won numerous awards and her stories have been broadcast on national Radio.  A creative writing teacher, she lives on a farm in Nelson and loves children, animals, and the New Zealand bush.


About the Illustrator

Pauline Whimp is an Auckland-based artist and designer, who is passionate about her work.


Child's Review

I thought this book was a great way to teach kids what to do if they're going into the bush and tips if they get lost.

I was a bit scared when Sam went running into the bush after Tuffy the dog because  his grandfather had told him not to go into the bush and I was worried he would get lost.  But Sam remembered all the things Grandpa Tua had taught him about keeping safe in the bush and what to do if you get lost so he ended up being okay until he was found.

The book was easy for me to read - just like the journals I'm reading at school - and I really like the colourful pictures.


Parent's Review

This clever book teaches very important guidelines, tips and survival strategies when venturing into the New Zealand bush through a memorable story that children of all ages can relate to.

Lost in the Bush is perfectly suited for young school aged children but is equally important and valuable reading for children of all ages and adults alike.

Lindy's story is believable and her sound advice is easy to follow.  The important information, summaries and activities that follow the story are outstanding and really helped solidify the lessons we learned.  Even weeks later, my seven year old was able to recall all the tips about  going into and keeping safe in the bush and what to do in the event that she is lost.

Pauline's colourful illustrations are filled with warmth and tremendous detail - such as the ferns, and pungas, the Fantail and Tui, and even Grandpa Tua's Swanndri - keeping the book undeniably Kiwi.

Lost in the Bush is a must have for every classroom and for families who enjoy exploring New Zealand's great outdoors.



Reviewed by: Satine (aged 7) and her Mama

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