Kids Can Clean

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Kids Can Clean

Shannon and Erin Lush with Photography by Rick Lush

ISBN13: 9780733324130

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It's true - kids CAN clean!  And if anybody knows how to make it happen, it's the Domestic Guru, Shannon Lush.

This illustrated book for children covers everything from removing the squashed banana in the bottom of your schoolbag, to tidying up your bedroom, personal hygiene (or why you should take your finger OUT OF YOUR NOSE), to cleaning up after your friends.

Cleaning can be fun with Shannon Lush and her simple but effective tips for children of all ages.


About the Authors

Never stumped for an answer to a domestic disaster, this ABC Radio personality, wife, mother and grandmother became a 'surprise' celebrity in late 2005 with the publication of her first book Spotless, co-written with Jennifer Fleming.

Shannon Lush is now a household name.  She appears regularly on Channel 9's The Today Show and radion programs in every state plus New Zealand's Radio NZ and she contributes advice columns to several newspapers and magazines.

Shannon describes herself as: "an artist and art restorer with a passion for household chemistry."  Speaking about Kids Can Clean, she says: "This book really is a family affair.  It was so much fun writing it for you, and I hope you get just as much fun out of it as we did."

Erin Lush is 10 years old and loves music, playing piano, singing, dancing, acting, designing clothes, horse riding, swimming and writing stories.  "I love doing things with my family, even if it's the cleaning."

Erin wanted to write Kids Can Clean because she: "wanted to do something special with my mum and I wanted to show kids that it's fun to clean."


Child's Review

I think this is a great book to teach kids how easy and fun cleaning can be.

I really like the hula hoop idea for tidying a really messy room because you only have to do a small area at a time so it doesn't take long and you can go back to doing whatever you want to do as soon as you're finished.

I found the book easy to read and I also really liked the cute pictures and photos that show you what they're talking about.

I especially like all the craft ideas!


Parent's Review

Having just embarked upon the somewhat daunting task of preparing our house for sale, Kids Can Clean was an absolute godsend that not only inspired our seven year old to get involved but even provided us adults with lots of neat ideas for dealing with clutter.

The craft ideas are superb for not only entertaining children during the school holidays and wet weekends spent indoors, but are also great for created handmade gifts.  But perhaps best of all, Kids Can Clean also provides instructions and recipes for storage systems and to replace common household chemicals  and commercially produced air freshners (such as: bubble bath mixture, drawer liners, laundry detergent, pillow sachet, playdough, snail trap, wrapping paper, and much, much more!).

Kids Can Clean is an absolute must for every family to encourage children and adults alike to sort through the mess and clutter once and for all and to turn cleaning from being a chore into a fun activity.



Reviewed by: Satine (aged 7) and her Mama

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