Welcome to my web site: a collection of reviews and musings on books, crafts, recipes, parenthood and life in general. 

Blogs by nature are rather self-indulgent so I make no apologies in fully expressing my own opinions.  I respect that everyone is entitled to form and hold their own opinions - after all, life is never a simple case of black or white, but an infinite spectrum of colour.  As such, I strive to keep an open mind and to consider alternative view points.  So I welcome your feedback - whether in support or challenge - however, I retain and will exercise my right to remove any posts I consider offensive or abusive either towards myself or anyone else for that matter.  Please consider this web site to be my home and as long as you remain respectful and compassionate towards others, you are welcome to visit, re-visit, and enjoy my hospitality.

Phew!  With all that heavy stuff out of the way, who am I and why would you subscribe to my musings?  I am in my mid-thirties: an ex-wife, a mother, a solo-parent, a daughter, a sister, an out-law, a chef, a chauffeur, a housekeeper, a musician, an artist, a designer, a writer, a reviewer, a dancer, an instructor, a performer, a crafter, a photographer, an entrepreneur, a contractor, a dreamer, a therapist, a philosopher and a friend. 

Apparently I have a way with words...